This new orthopedic device interacts with the human neuromuscular system if it is placed on a particular and sensitive to the pulsed electrostatic fields parts of the body. Orthostim manufactures “MPK-insole”, an insole which contains MPK system, placed under the medial arch of the foot and “MPK-wrist”-a bracelet, containing on its upper and lower part the innovative orthopedic device. MPK systems are prescribed:

  • For postural imbalances
  • For prevention and treatment of the dimorphisms of the vertebral column like scoliosis.
  • For insertional mioenthesitis like pubalgia, tendinitis “Trigger finger”, trochanteritis.
  • For improving the functioning and pain of athrosis, knees, thighs.
  • For the treatment of acute and chronicle aches of the spine, including headaches (cephaleas).

From the moment when MPK starts acting on the reticular sub-cortical nervous system, it succeeds to make positively impact on the sleep-wake rhythm and on the recovery of the energy. Because of its characteristics, MPK is ideal for the improvement of the performance in sports, recovering the right upwards position of the body, which allows the athlete to develop better the potential of the muscle groups, found weak because of the existing postural problems.